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Permanent Makeup & Microblading

TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL.

TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL.

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Microblading and Permanent Makeup (PMU) Price List 2020

Initial Treatment Consultation 


Clinic or telephone

Other venues (redeemed against booking)




Microblading (1st session/new brows)

Microblading (2nd session/4-6wks after 1st)

Microblading Top up for clients who've had brows done elsewhere

Microblading Top up (annual retouch)

PMU Powdered Brow (1st session/new brows)

PMU Powdered Brow (2nd session/4-6wks after 1st)

PMU Powdered Brow Top up

PMU Powdered Brow Top up for clients who've had their brows done elsewhere




Lash Enhancement (subtle fine liner between lashes)

Fine Liner

Medium Liner

Thick Liner





Lip Liner

Lip Blush (liner plus shading to blend)

Full Lip Colour








From £225




From £225

From £265



















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