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Eyeliner: For centuries, women have painted their eyes to make them look bigger, brighter and more beautiful, now with Semi-Permanent Makeup it is possible to fix the look you desire and unlike traditional makeup it does not smudge, fade or rub away, so helps keep you looking fresh and fabulous at all times. It is also perfect for swimmers, people 'on the go', contact lens wearers and those with hypersensitive skins that typically react to mascaras and pencils.


Various effects are available, from the most delicate ‘Lash Enhancement’ procedure, where pigment is placed within the lash line and slightly above to mimic the effect of many tiny lashes, to the higher impact effects where additional shading provides a stronger thicker effect. This is an incredible treatment that illuminates the eyes, making them completely stunning morning, noon and night. It also helps accentuate the natural eye colour and makes lashes look thicker, longer and more lustrous.  


Complimentary Eye Treatments: Eyelash tint (patch test required), Botox for Crows Feet.                                                           

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