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Prior to your treatment, a consultation is required to ensure your individual needs are met. Typically, consultations are done over the telephone. Faye invites you to send her an image of the area to be treated (brows, liner, lips) to guide discussions. With a clear front facing image Faye can generate a digital impression of the likely outcome to help you envisage the end result. The consultation will outline the process and what you can expect in terms of results and aftercare and identify any contra-indications to treatment. 


A sensitivity patch tests and full consultation form will then be sent in the post providing you with all the necessary information to proceed. When required, consultations can also be conducted in person.


07870 20 3646

Face Scuplture

Aesthetics, Health and Beauty

TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL.

TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL.

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