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Aesthetics, Health and Beauty

Faye Dennis is a Registered General Nurse, Beautician and Complementary Therapist. Faye completed her OfQual Regulated Aesthetics Training in Bristol and Harley Street London with MATA (Medical Aesthetics Training Academy) and is currently working toward a further OfQual Reg Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics with MATA. 

She has  an artistic eye combined with a meticulous attention to detail and an extensive range of cosmetic skills, ensuring you receive highly individualised cosmetic treatments that take account of your unique features, preferences and style to optimise your beauty in an elegant and timeless manner. 

Faye offers a select range of injectable cosmetic treatments including, Botox, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Profhilo Skin Booster. She also offers micro-needling and skin peels. 

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Cheekbones and Facial Contouring



Crows Feet

Brow Lift

Forehead Frown - Glabellar Complex - 11s

Forehead Frown - Frontalis - Horizontal Lines

Downturned Mouth - Depressor Angularis Oris

Lip Flip 

Profhilo Skin Booster

Profhilo is a superficial injectable anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid skin treatment that surges moisture and hydration just beneath the skin. It works to promote elasticity and firmness via a bio-remodelling process of elastin and collagen fibres to rejuvenate dull skin and create overall glow.  It visibly improves the condition of your skin from the first treatment and typically lasts 6-9 months and  up to12 months depending upon age, skin type and lifestyle factors. 

A great advantage of Profhilo is that it enhances and restores your overall skin quality rather than altering a specific feature. Importantly Profhilo tackles difficult to treat areas of laxity and crepe-like lines and wrinkles that cannot be addressed with traditional volumising fillers. It is suitable for clients age 30 years and above.  

Injection cosmetology
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