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TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL. [email protected]

TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL. [email protected]

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Lip enhancements with Semi-Permanent Makeup can be transforming, creating a look of fullness, youth and definition.


A variety of techniques ensure your needs are met. The Lip bLush technique offers a graduated haze of colour through the body of the lips with a blended liner to create sensual full lips that appear soft and natural.


A Full Lip Colour can offer a more dramatic effect and is often the best option for clients with slight or marked asymmetry were discreet extension of the lip border can correct  any inbalance. This is also possible with the Lip Blush technique.


The Lip Dew method places colour through the body of the lips without a crisp line so as to create a natural healthy 'freshly bitten' look.


A Lip Line treatment provides crisp lasting definition and suits women with naturally well shaped lips. It can be extremely natural or deeper in tone as required.