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TEL. 07870 20 36 46     EMAIL. [email protected]

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Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. Well-formed brows frame the face and eyes, adding definition and balance. Few people have perfectly shaped 'maintenance free' eyebrows. Therefore brow enhancements are one of the most frequently requested treatments.


This procedure is perfect for women of all ages who may have overly-plucked, patchy, sparse or non-existent brows that require better definition without the daily chore of applying cosmetic pencils and powders that can appear harsh and unnatural. The effects can be rejuvenating, earning this treatment a reputation as a 'Secret Facelift'.


Microblading: Until recent years very few places in the UK offered this advanced technique, you were in fact more likely to find technicians in the Far East with the skills to carry out this amazing treatment. If you have sparse or nonexistent brows or are unhappy with their shape, please call Faye, she will Microblade ultra fine individual hairstokes to create a stunning natural effect.                                                                                                                             

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. They frame the face and eyes.


Few people have perfectly shaped natural eyebrows making Semi-Permament Makeup for brows the most requested treatment.


Two main tecniques are available. Both are carried out with the finest quality pigments and equipment and both involve detailed shaping and plotting of the new brow using special calipers, measuring devises and a good eye.


The Powder Brow technique deposits pigment beneath the skin's surface to create a beautifully soft haze of colour or if preferred a more intense shaded and filled look.


The Microblading method creates the finest natural hairstroke eyebrows possible. Many individual strands are simulated to form a stunning hyper-realistic effect.